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  About Excellence  

We mainly supply pure copper and special copper alloy (agent of Schlenk

Germany),Nickel and Nickel alloy (product of Czech Republic)
  A. Pure copper and Special copper alloy:  
   1) Pure copper, Bronze, Brass, and Nickel Silver, applying on connector,  
    transformer, and heat sink… etc.  
   2) Other special alloy : Inconel,Alloy 194(Leadframe Quantity)... etc.  
  B.Supper thin copper foil:  
   Alloy Thickness between 0.05 ~ 0.005 mm(pure copper, copper alloy,  
   nickel, and other alloys), applying on self-adhesive copper foil, shielding,  
   Li-ion battery, solar battery cell... etc.  
  C. Pure nickel and nickel alloy:  
   1) Pure nickel strip(Ni = 99.2% min.), applying on hand phone connector,  
    battery contacting point... etc.  
   2) Special NiCu, NiFe strip, applying on high-frequency material, hand  

  phone connector... etc.


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